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  • Foundation Series #3 - Baptism E-Book

    This e-book is not intended to teach a doctrine of baptism, but rather to use the steps of baptism to help you understand the spiritual things that took place when you were born again. Follow along as Billy learns what it means to be baptized into Christ in the third e-book in the Foundation Series…

    Length: 44 pages


    Foundation Series #3 - Baptism E-Book
  • Foundation Series #2 - The Gospel E-Book

    The Gospel is more than John 3:16. When Jesus preached the Gospel, He talked about many things. He talked about it being a seed that when planted in our heart grows and produces fruit. Learn more about the Gospel that Jesus preached in this second e-book in the Foundation Series…

    Length: 71 pages


    Foundation Series #2 - The Gospel E-Book
  • Foundation Series #1 - Sin E-Book

    What is Sin? How did we get this evil nature? And, more importantly, how do we get rid of it? Find out in the first downloadable e-book in the Faith Builders Foundation Series… SIN!

    Length: 43 pages


    Foundation Series #1 - Sin E-Book
  • Around the World with the Simple Gospel E-Book

    Travel around the world with the Simple Gospel. This downloadable book will help you understand the simple Gospel of Christ and help you keep it in your heart. You will learn about the penalty and power of sin, freedom from sin, the body of Christ, baptism, heavenly mindsets, holiness, and more.

    Length: 49 pages


    Around the World with the Simple Gospel E-Book
  • Timothy and Thomas E-Book

    “You just have to love people,” said Thomas as he parted ways with his best friend Timothy. You see, Timothy and Thomas started down very different paths, one walked in holiness and the other walked in love. Where did the paths lead? Find out in this Faith Builders comic book…

    Length: 34 pages


    Timothy and Thomas E-Book

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