About Faith Builders

Faith Builders is owned and operated by the Herbert family in Southeastern Ohio. As a family, we hope to use the gifts our Father has given us to strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ. Publishing the Gospel is the heart of what we do.

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All of our books, DVDs, CDs, posters, and downloads are focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe this Gospel is what delivers us from the penalty and power of sin and causes us to walk as a new creation in Christ. Our Foundation Series lays out the Gospel from Sin to The Gospel, Baptism, Renewing Your Mind, Walking in the Spirit, and finally, Holiness. By understanding this Gospel we become equipped to walk as sons of God in this earth. The Living Epistles Series is meant to help families learn the letters of the apostles—Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, etc.

Jesus said that unless we become like little children we will never enter His kingdom. We believe this means that we have to be willing to humble ourselves and relearn everything. When we were first born to our parents we had to begin learning how to do things. In the same way, when we are “born again” we must begin learning things all over again, only this time we learn spiritual things.

Our books are laid out in such a way that even children can begin to understand this simple Gospel message. The books are illustrated with full-page photographs to help the reader understand and remember the message. The words are also large-print so that even the elderly can read the message. These books are really meant to read by everyone. Whether children, parents, pastors, young adults, farmers, businessmen, doctors, or people of all nations, all must understand the simple Gospel message and must walk as sons of God in this earth.

Currently, all of our books are available as free downloads:
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